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Pelicula el baile de las locas

Pelicula el baile de las locas

The mad women’s ball in french

El baile de los 41 is a Mexican film directed by David Pablos, written by Monika Revilla and produced by Pablo Cruz. It portrays the events of the famous police raid in what was disparagingly called the dance of the inverted, which took place in 1901 during the Porfiriato, popularly known as the dance of the forty-one. The film stars Alfonso Herrera as Ignacio de la Torre y Mier,[1] the son-in-law of Mexico’s President Porfirio Díaz, and Mabel Cadena as Amada Díaz,[2] his illegitimate daughter.[3][4] The film was shot in Mexico City, Mexico, in 1901.

The film was shot in Mexico City and Guadalajara in late 2019.[8] Some locations include Casa Rivas Mercado, the bar “La Ópera” and the National Museum of Art (Munal), as well as the temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán in Mexico City. Many of the exteriors were filmed in the streets of the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

Who in real life is the dance of 41?

“The legend of Nacho de la Torre as a homosexual man is based on the Mexican businessman’s own background and behavior. It is very likely that he was at that party, because he lived a few blocks away from the place where the dance took place.

Where was the 41 film shot?

The film was shot in Mexico City and Guadalajara in late 2019. Some locations include Casa Rivas Mercado, the bar “La Ópera” and the National Museum of Art (Munal), as well as the temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán in Mexico City.

What was the punishment of the 41?

They were then forced to sweep the streets of the Mexican capital with their party clothes, something that was also illegal, as no law established this sanction. Another abuse was the mockery in the newspapers. A song was even published to mock them.

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The good nurse

Today more than ever we know how difficult it is to be confined. Because we have lived it not long ago in our own flesh. We know that isolation leads to madness and emptiness is felt more deeply. Tempers flare with boredom and masks fall to reveal our true nature. We’ve typed the same sentence over and over on our computer, seen ghosts in the rooms and our urge to kill has increased. A ball appears rolling across the carpet and your child writes strange words on doors. If you were lucky enough not to spend those months in a haunted house, you may have been spared all this and are now still in the amoeba phase on the couch. But the protagonists of The Shining, that Torrance family whose ruin was an inv/fernal snowfall, lived one of the most iconic lock-ins in the history of cinema. And also one of the most enigmatic.

It’s clear that The Shining is a mysterious film, but it’s not hard to understand what’s going on if we stay close enough to the surface and let ourselves be guided by the story. That is, the simple explanation for conformists, or only for those who do not want to fall into all those conspiracies that the film has generated and that often do not go beyond the anecdote. That, as interesting as they are, many of them are taken with tweezers. However, that does not mean that this first version is going to be the most normal. In fact, as soon as we start, we divide it into two ways of understanding: the paranormal and the psychoanalytical.

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The mad women’s ball plot

It was enough for Manolo to see his bosses’ nanny for him to fall in love with her, but soon he realized that she had a wooden leg and that on top of that she was having a relationship with his boss. Will he be able to conquer her? How will he do it? Watch this chapter.

A particular and handsome shoe salesman has all the women crazy. He is not only satisfied with his wife, but he also has a relationship with his boss and is capable of messing with any customer who passes by the store. Even when a spectacular model arrives.

Victor swindles a friend and takes a large sum of money. He makes his wife believe that he will be at the World Cup in South Africa, when he is really going to live a rich life in La Serena, to conquer a beautiful woman. However, nothing goes as planned.

Dani and Juli are a couple and work together in a funeral home. Dany hides more than one secret: he is a Vulture who preys on widows in their moments of mourning and a runner of clandestine encounters. In one of them he meets the sexy Fatima, a hilarious little girl, but married to the most dangerous of the clandestine brokers: Chito, who dies in a race so Dani uses all his knowledge to contain and fall in love with the pretty widow.

Le bal des folles

El genio de Moré residía en su síntesis de dos de las principales corrientes de la canción cubana: el son afrocubano y la música guajira del campo cubano, de origen español. Debía al menos parte de su estilo de cantar a una serie de soneros que le precedieron: Antonio Machín, Miguelito Valdés y Orlando “Cascarita” Guerra. La intimidad de Moré con los elementos africanos y europeos de la música cubana le permitió sentirse cómodo en todos los estilos. Tenía tanto éxito con los boleros como con los mambos y las rumbas. Lo más importante es lo que transmitía con su canto: una ternura y un atractivo emocional directo en sus boleros, una exuberancia que sacudía las caderas en sus mambos. Aunque no sabía leer música, Moré compuso dos de sus grandes éxitos, “Bonito y Sabroso” y “Que Bueno Baila Usted”. También fue director de orquesta y formó una poderosa big band con músicos de talento como los trompetistas Alejandro “El Negro” Vivar y Alfredo “Chocolate” Armenteros, y el trombonista y arreglista Generoso “El Tojo” Jiménez. El suyo era el sonido afrocubano de big band por excelencia de los años 50: descarado, multitextual y dinámico. Pero, a diferencia de bandas neoyorquinas como Machito & His Afro-Cubans, Moré no traspasaba los límites del jazz latino. Su música era más “pop” que la de Machito, pero no era nada formulista.

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