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Frases de bailar la vida

Frases de bailar la vida

Marc Anthony – Vivir Mi Vida (Audio)

“El que hace sombra, pierde el cuerpo y pierde la sombra –dijo Lord Dixon–. Apunte esa frase, camarada, que es de mi propia cosecha.� Estamos en pleno siglo XXI, en una Nicaragua en la que se est�n viviendo unas revueltas populares que son reprimidas brutalmente por el gobierno, apoyado en el siniestro brazo ejecutor del jefe de los servicios secretos. El inspector Dolor

No puedo mentir, este es un libro difícil de leer. El poder siempre corrompe. El jefe de los Servicios Secretos, Tongolele, tiene demasiado poder. Vive una vida de lujo recibiendo sobornos de quienes cometen pequeños (o grandes) delitos. Exilió a la inspectora Dolores Morales (Ya nadie llora por mí, 2018) a Honduras. Últimamente se ha metido con los paramilitares para ayudar a “limpiar” las cosas. Tienen nombres como Leónidas, El poeta Lira y Cara de Culo. Verás, el gobierno ha estado reprimiendo duramente a los que no lo hacen.

Una excelente novela negra nicaragüense de Sergio Ramírez, antiguo miembro de la dirección sandinista que fue vicepresidente durante el primer periodo de Daniel Ortega como presidente. La historia tiene como telón de fondo las protestas nacionales de 2018, y especialmente la del Día de la Madre, el 30 de mayo, en la que hubo cientos de muertos y heridos. La novela fue prohibida en Nicaragua. Todos los personajes principales de la novela son ficticios, pero los acontecimientos se ajustan estrechamente a la realidad. Tongolele es un segur

La Güereja y El Papiringo -LAS VACACIONES- , 1992.

Welcome to my collection of the best motivational quotes. We all need motivational messages from time to time. Especially on those days when everything seems a little harder. And here you have more than 150 motivational quotes for you to read, learn, print…

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It is true that a motivational reflection is not going to solve your life or the moment, but maybe it gives you that boost you need. After all, they are positive phrases with positive messages, and what we constantly repeat to ourselves our mind believes it.

In the collection there are several types of motivational messages: short motivational phrases, messages to motivate you in life, encouraging words for work and even driving thoughts for the gym.

There are times when we don’t want to go to the gym, or we are in the gym and we don’t find enough motivation to continue exercising. The truth is, results in the gym (and in life) are usually not quick. But the constancy and the day to day work will take you to the results you want.

Farruko – Pepas (Letra/Lyrics)

In 1976 you were already famous on television, with invitations to popular series such as Emergencia, but it was in Welcome back, Kotter where your character of Vinnie Barbarino attracted attention for combining rebelliousness and self-confidence. So when you got the starring role in the TV movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, the ratings skyrocketed. Do you remember that experience of being locked in a room like a giant incubator as a way of learning to live in these pandemic times?

More than that movie, it’s the fame that trained me for 2020. When you’re famous, you live in a kind of plastic bubble, cloistered like an oyster. You can’t leave it if you want to go out on a normal day and explore life. Part of me was already familiar with this kind of life. It was fame that made me prepared for these weird times we live in.

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In Carrie, which was released that same 1976, Brian de Palma gave you that debut role, and introduced the mischief in your Billy Nolan character, but this time to be hated by a leading lady with telekinetic powers, played by Sissy Spacek. What was your feeling about being part of that new stream of filmmakers in jeans and sneakers who were experimenting with cinema in the European way?

Silvestre Dangond – Ay, la Vida (Vivo)

Rinku has just moved to Japan from abroad and transfers to Yoba Academy, where DJing is all the rage. There she soon witnesses a concert that leaves her deeply impressed, so she decides to form her own DJ unit together with Maho Akashi, Muni Ohnaruto and Rei Togetsu. Together they will interact with other DJ units such as Peaky P-key and Photon Maiden as they aim to succeed.

Yoba Academy’s new idol-themed DJ group. Their name came from Rinku’s habit of saying the phrase while gyrating happily. Their main music genre style is a combination of J-pop and dubstep. They also use happy hardcore and gabber.

As an illustrator, Muni has attracted attention on the internet thanks to her drawings. The reason she has been pursuing her art is thanks to Rinku, who praised her drawing. Upon hearing that Rinku has formed her own DJ group, she reluctantly decides to join her, but almost withdraws from it due to suffering from stage fright.

A DJ who is the brains behind Peaky P-key. She and Kyoko are childhood friends and have great trust in each other. In addition to being an expert DJ, she also excels at remixing and making tracks. Outside of her DJ activity, she enjoys playing online games.

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