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Canciones de los 60 en español para bailar

Canciones de los 60 en español para bailar

Canciones en ingles de los 50 60 y 70

Esta lista de las mejores canciones contiene canciones de Hispanoamérica, EE.UU. y España que se convirtieron en parte del Rock y la Cultura Alternativa Latina en base a su popularidad inicial y duradera, así como su influencia e impacto internacional en la música rock latina.

En los años 90, diversos estilos fueron interpretados por diversas bandas a lo largo de Latinoamérica y España y fueron abrazados por diferentes subculturas urbanas. También en esta década, muchas bandas de rock pasaron a formar parte de la escena crossover internacional al mismo tiempo que formaban una identidad particular en la cultura latinoamericana.

“Rock latino” solía aplicarse en el extranjero al rock fusionado con ritmos afrocaribeños u otros géneros latinoamericanos, pero “rock latino” es un término que se aplica a una cultura rock muy compleja formada por bandas de diferentes estilos y que han pasado a formar parte de una tradición contemporánea en la música latina. Otros términos utilizados en español son “rock hispanoamericano” o “rock iberoamericano”.

El rock latino en Estados Unidos incluye una gran variedad de bandas y sonidos, creando una escena musical diversa e innovadora. En los primeros estilos de rock and roll de finales de la década de 1940 y principios de la de 1950, el piano o el saxofón solían ser los instrumentos principales, pero la guitarra sustituyó o complementó a estos instrumentos a mediados y finales de la década de 1950. Tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial, muchos directores de banda y músicos chicanos como Don Tosti y Lalo Guerrero subieron a los escenarios, forjando un sonido y una cultura que reflejaban su deseo de ser “americanos”.

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Hit songs 1960 in English

The New York group initially did backing vocals on Barry McGuire’s original version. But once they did their own rendition, the song was all theirs. This song about the nostalgia of the American West Coast became one of the most representative of the decade. As a curiosity, it would also be covered by José Feliciano on the B-side of his single Light My Fire, which is another of the great songs on this list.

The band that Iggy Pop formed in Detroit at the end of the 60s left us memorable albums that were precursors of punk rock. From their debut album we rescue what is perhaps their most influential song, which stands out for the production of John Cale and his crushing use of the same piano note. You have heard this song in the third part of Transporter, in How I Met Your Mother or in GTA IV.

One of the many hits signed by the Supremes, it was also one of Motown’s biggest hits, with its advice to fiery teenagers based on motherly love. It didn’t have the same magic when Phil Collins put the song back in the Top 10 in the early eighties, in a wave of boomer nostalgia.

Songs of the 50’s in Spanish

The song has been so well remembered in Colombian culture that it even made it into one of Disney’s movies, Encanto, as the entertainment giant released a video clip showing the commercial of this movie set to music with this song.

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This is perhaps one of the biggest hits in the career of Carlos Vives, the Samario singer-songwriter who has not only won the hearts of hundreds of Colombians, but has also toured international stages with his lyrics of romance and that paint the essence of the national culture.

In 1988 ‘El Joe’ Arroyo recorded this song with which most people identify. A tribute that the artist from Cartagena immortalized in this song that describes the joy that is lived in the streets of Barranquilla. La noche is another of the songs

Songs of the 70’s

One of the best films of the 80’s, a very sui generis musical conceived by Roger Waters that goes far beyond rock opera, full of psychedelia, a mixture of live action and transgressive animation with images hard to forget as the fascist hammers and some of the legendary songs of the band Pink Floyd. Pink is precisely the protagonist, a rock star who recalls his life in front of the TV and how he has been building a wall to isolate himself from the world. “Another brick in the wall”…

The well-known tale becomes a musical in this version in which Oliver arrives in London seeking his fortune after escaping from a hellish orphanage. The first thing he does is join a gang of petty thieves, but Oliver will try to get back on the right track as soon as he can.

Three sailors have a day off, the result? This fun and romantic musical about their wanderings. Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett and Ann Miller star in Donen and Kelly’s behind-the-scenes debut.

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